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What a FINISH!

6 days of elite level competitions caps the Tiger Beach Elite training 2022 with 4 appearances in GOLD BRACKET!

At USAV American Nationals, Avery Hedgepeth teamed up with Paige G. from Tennessee to finish in the quarter finals of GOLD bracket with a solid T5 of 53 teams!  One of the best parts of our sport is meeting and playing with other national level athletes from around the country and Avery stepped up to the plate, accepting the invite and peaked for an amazing finish.  Our young 16U team, Makenna Hertless and Reese Hickingbottom also made it to GOLD bracket with a T9 of 53 teams!  The competition was fierce and our athletes grew with each match.  Moving right into the inaugural USAV Club Championship, once again two of our three teams represented TBV once again in GOLD bracket!  16U Reese/Makenna brought in another T5 in Gold Bracket while Avery helped lead Sophie Larson who jumped at the opportunity to compete in her first National level competition.  14U Avery Sisak and Sadie Vajdos battled their way into Gold, improving with each match and knocked out in a battle of 3 sets by the team that won it all!  All three of our teams competed in the early morning match and coach Linda weaved through the courts and sets with all three teams suffering a first set loss, winning the second set, and forcing a third set.  Reese and Makenna exhibited a fire in the belly that screamed commitment andchampionship grit.  Avery and Sophie repped us with a solid “Hey future!  Here we come!” And Avery and Sadie are the most positive, fun, exciting team to cheer on! We could not be more happy for all of our athletes. Their hard word, dedication and commitment to be the first National Elite squad for Tiger Beach has paid off with excellence, achieving goals, learning, and most of all GIVING THEIR ALL!!!  Congratulations ladies and we are excited to build the TBV elite program on the stellar foundation you, our 2022 athletes have gifted the program!  We look forward to what the future holds with our athletes and Texas Tigers Beach Volleyball Elite!

Junior Beach Tournaments

Sunday, September 25th: Fall Bash USAV / AVP BRQ

Sunday, October 16th: Fear the Tiger USAV / AVP BRQ

Sunday, November 13th: Turkey Volley Classic USAV / AVP BRQ

Adult Beach Leagues

Adult Beach Tournaments

Sunday, August 7th: Co-Ed Bring Your Own 3s Tournament

Saturday, August 27th: Colton's Fundraiser Tournament (Co-Ed 4s)

Welcome to Texas Tigers FALL Beach Training


SEPTEMBER 11, 2022 - NOVEMBER 20th, 2022

We are thrilled to have you as part of the our Texas Tigers Beach Family whether you are joining us for the first time this year or signing up AGAIN.   Welcome !!!!


This FALL we will offer 2 Beach Volleyball training options for players 13 through 18 years old.  If your athlete is ready to see the benefits from Beach training, registration for Junior Beach Training is online and easy! 


Instruction will be led by Linda Martens, Beach Program Director/ Lead Elite Training Coach.


OPT 1. ONE DAY PER WEEK .... Jr beach Training 10 weeks

1x week: $300


OPT 2. TWO DAYS PER WEEK .... Jr Beach Training 10 weeks

2x week: $500



SUNDAYS 5pm-7pm  &  THURSDAYS 6pm-8pm


An athlete can join the training any time between September 11 and October 2nd with pricing pro-rated for weeks attended. If you train one day a week and miss a Thursday, make-up days on Sunday must be approved by Coach Linda in advance.


ELITE TRAINING continues and athletes for this level of training will be identified and selected by Coach Linda.   At minimum, it will require the following:
  • Committed to practice 2X PER week.
  • The Texas Tigers Beach ELITE Athlete is positive, dedicated, a leader, hardworking and a great partner.
  • The Texas Tigers Beach ELITE Athlete never quits, always goes for everything are fast with our feet and quick with our minds.
  • The Texas Tigers Beach ELITE Athlete knows our strength, trusts in our strength and recognizes our strength as a solid foundation.
  • The Texas Tigers Beach ELITE Athlete loves to have fun, turning challenges into positive goals while acknowledging a failure as a benchmark to look back upon once conquered.
  • The Texas Tigers Beach ELITE Athlete loves the hustle and speed of the game, using our IQ for great decision making, allowing room for error and most importantly giggling, smiling and enjoying the process as an individual and as a team.

Club Beach


Open Play

COVID19 and Playing at Tiger BEACH

COVID19 Policy:

 We are thankful the threat has been minimized.  We respect individual comfort levels and while we do not require masks to be worn, we encourage those who wish to do so.  We no longer check temperatures nor sign our health waivers upon entry.  We do provide hand sanitizer for use throughout the practice.  We urge all players not to share food, water or their towels. 

Texas Tigers Beach Complex


Texas Tigers Beach Complex is behind the Tiger Sports Complex located at 2818 Cordova Road, Seguin, Texas.  Once you turn into the complex, drive past the INDOOR facility and the Crossfit gym.  The sand courts will be on your right.  The beach facility has 8 sand  courts with 4 under a 45ft roof.


  • 16 Outdoor Showers
  • Concession Stand
  • 10 Full Size Restrooms
  • Tiger Pro Shop 
  • Corn Hole
  • Tiger Turf / Chill Out Area
  • Picnic Tables / Eating Area
  • Tiger Bar (for adult league and tournaments coming soon)
  • Dog Park & Kid Zone (PHASE II)

Linda Elliott

Program Director - Junior Beach Volleyball

Phone: 512.239.9390

Kelle Sullivan

Kelle Sullivan

Co-Owner / Operations Manager

Phone: 210.241.6035